Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1How to Register for a Free Live Demo and How the Demo will be Provided ?
Buy sell signal software free demo registration 7 days
2I have registered for the Free Live demo and i didn’t receive the Mobile verification code what to do?
Kindly contact us in the Leave a message or Mail us @ [email protected] with your username and mobile number you have registered
3 In which plat form Stockarcs Trading System is working?
Stockarcs Trading system works on Amibroker Platform. Amibroker is the India's widely used user friendly trading analysis platform.
4Explain about your software and its features ?

Stockarcs is an amibroker based technical analysis AFL which mechanically generates the Buy Sell signals and helps to analyze the Indian share market in a very professional way. This software will indicate the right time to buy a stock and the right time to sell a stock with three profit targets T1, T2, T3 and trailing stop loss lines.

Its advanced feature auto live trade scan monitors your symbols in real time and gives the alerts instantly with sound and pop up alerts on the screen. This feature helps you to diversify your trading portfolio and finding a good trading opportunity for the day in real time. Our unique algorithmic trading strategies use several data points to power its decision making for identifying the tradable cycle tops and bottoms as they occur and then generate the buy and sell signals. Stock arcs mechanical trading software is a comprehensive program bundled together with four indicators to figure out correct entry level.

Salient Features of the Trading System:

  • Mechanical Buy Sell Signals with Trend following strategies.
  • Trading system designed with proper Back Testing and Optimization Techniques.
  • Displays Profit Levels and Stop Loss [Trialing Stops] on Screen
  • Can Use in Any Time Frame for Scalping / Positioning
  • Most Advanced Filtering System with Trade zone and False Signal Detection
  • High Profits and Low Risk! Reduced Emotions
  • Advanced Sound and Pop up Alerts on the screen.
  • Android App Mobile Alerts for the Buy and Sell Signals
  • One Formula - Multi Segment  Works for NSE F&O,MCX & Forex Markets
5Explain about your software and working and how the software will be installed?

Stockarcs trading system is Amibroker technical analysis software based AFL which will generate automatic buy and sell signals with perfect target and stop loss. Once you purchase the software, our customer care executive will call you and take your PC\Laptop remote via Ammy admin software and install the stockarcs system and also half an hour demo will be given on how to use the software and simple tricks and tips will also be provided.

6What is the cost of Stockarcs Trading System?

1 Month Package + 1 Mnth Data Plan


  • Installation & Training
  • Pop Up & Sound Alerts
  • 1 Month Real Time Data (One Segment - NSE Futures or MCX)
  • Free Re-Installation
  • Future Updates

1 Year Package + 1 Mnth Data Plan

Rs. 13500

  • Installation & Training
  • Pop Up & Sound Alerts
  • 1 Month Real Time Data (One Segment - NSE Futures or MCX)
  • Free Re-Installation
  • Future Updates

One Year Package + 1 Year Data Plan


  • Installation & Training
  • Pop Up & Sound Alerts
  • 1 Year Real Time Data (One Segment - NSE Futures or MCX)
  • Free Re-Installation
  • Future Updates

7How the stock arcs trading system demo is provided?
We are broadcasting our buy sell signal charts every 10 - 15 mins by taking the snapshot of the data files in our amibroker severs and uploading the same in our website in a every one minute interval.

Kindy Register Below to create a demo account and watch the charts free for 7 days :
8Demo is delayed by 10- 15 mins and whether the actual software is real time or delayed ??
Actual Stock arcs Trading System which will be installed in your PC along with the real time data feed software after purchase will update tick by tick and price will be real time matching with your trading terminal.
9In demo i can able to see only 5 mins time frame and limited stocks , How the real software will be ?
In the actual software you can see all the time frames starting from 1 min charts to 1 hour charts and depending on the data feed you give to the software you can watch all the scripts supported by the data feed software.
10Why the Demo is delayed and can i use demo charts to trade ??
According to NSE [ National Stock Exchange ] and MCX [ Multi Commodity Exchange ] data feed regulations and policies we are authorized to show only 10- 15 mins delayed snapshot data on your website.

Kindly use the demo for studying the market behaviour with the trading system and estimate the accuracy plus performance of the trading system,Once you are satisfied you can go for purchase of the real software which will be real time.
11Can I get free Trial of the stockarcs trading system in my PC?
No, Sorry free trial is not available and its not feasible for us to install the software in each and every PC.

You can watch the FREE DEMO for one week by registering in our Free Live Demo Page
12Do you provide real time demo ?
Yes we can show you a real time demo on the actual software and its workings for 10- 15 minutes via team viewer or ammy admin PC share.You can contact in the live chat and book your appointment prior before 2 hours.
13How the Mobile alerts will be provided and is there any charges for that ?
Mobile alerts will be provided on our android app with buy sell signal notifications pop ups in your mobile and its free of cost

Note: Alerts will be provided only for the NIFTY 50 stocks and Major MCX current month futures.

Transactional SMS alerts for non android phones are also available at the nominal prices. Contact our support team for more clarifications
14Is there EMAIL Alerts available for the buy sell signal generated ?
Yes our software will send email alerts using your own GMAIL account SMTP servers and you can set email alerts for any stock and for any time frames.
15Is real time scan options with pop up and sound alerts available ?
Yes real time scan options is available and amibroker software will give a sound and pop alerts in your PC whenever there is a buy sell signals generated.
16Whether I can trading in MCX/NSE [Equity & FNO] with the help of this single software?
Our universal indicators and system have been used for trading all markets and it is time tested to work in all types of markets.

Additional real time data feed is needed for each segment.
17Do i have to purchase the full version of amibroker analysis software separately or will it be provided by your company ?
Stockarcs trading system is desgined in a such way to work on the trial version of the amibroker itself and the trial version will be installed by our company staffs
18I have already installed amibroker in my PC and will your software supports my amibroker version?
Yes We can install the stockarcs trading system in your Amibroker software without changing the existing files and formulas.
19Will you re install the software if my PC is corrupted or formatted ?
Yes we will re install the software with free of cost and you can even change the software to another PC if you want to.
20Will the training be provided on how to use the software and how the software will be installed ?
Yes we will give real time training for 30 - 45 minutes on how to use the sofware with the tips and tricks to use the trading system

We will install the software in your system by the help of Team Viewer or Ammy admin, you just install the Team Viewer or ammy admmin in your system, and let us know id and password, and we will install the software in your system.

Buy sell signal software free demo registration form

Buy sell signal software free demo registration form